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Monograms have been used everywhere lately…the dance floor, the cake, the invitations.  But here is a great way to incorporate it into nature and do-it-yourself.  You can find more project details at The Bride’s Cafe.

DIY-Mossy Monogram0

DIY-Mossy Monogram1


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Plain white aisle runners are traditional, but here’s a new twist that you can also use at home.

Customize your Wedding Ceremony with a specialty aisle runner that is yours and yours alone. We’ve done this lately for a few of our brides and they love it!

It’s easy…almost any bolt of fabric will do. 54” to 60” wide is what you need.  Cut to length…no sewing at all.




And what do you do with the fabric when the Ceremony is over?

Spruce up a room in your house with drapery panels or throw pillows…the perfect reminder to that special day.  And as a added bonus, you will help the environment by re-purposing the materials which you can feel great about!





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Here is something GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

You may have seen the Martha Stewart Weddings episode featuring an ‘Eco-friendly and Sustainable Wedding’.  Here are images and tips from that wedding.  It just goes to show you too can have a beautiful, chic and GREEN wedding!


1) The bride sent electronic save the dates to save paper

2) Guests received tree saplings from the Arbor Day Foundation

3) The reception barn is draped with a garland made from strips of maple veneer as well as biodegradable and vintage ribbons.

4) The head table is set with monogrammed organic linens



5) Cotton seating cards from are printed with vegetable-based ink and displayed on reusable cork board covered in linen.

6) The centerpieces hold flowers from a local, organic grower

7) The flower girls carried maple veneer baskets with a handle of eco-friendly ribbon, filled with punched flowers made of biodegradable seed paper.

8 ) The stationery suite, from Crane and Co., is printed on recyclable paper.



9) The children’s table is decorated with glass bell jars, bushels of apples, and gift boxes filled with eco-friendly toys, such as a windmill generator and cards for coloring; the table is covered with recycled paper, on which the kids can draw with twig pencils.

photos courtesy of Thayer Allyson Gowdy and copy via Martha Stewart Weddings

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Many brides ask what they can do to have a GREEN wedding.  Well the first question is “What is a  GREEN wedding?”

Answer: A green wedding is any wedding where the couple tries to decrease the impact of their event on the planet.

There are many ways to do it! Every part of a wedding has eco-friendly options worth considering.

Today’s Tip: GreenKarat uses recycled precious metals to cast their jewelry and can even use your old gold to create your rings.  And Simply Wood Rings creates gorgeous, glamorous WOODEN rings using recycled lumber.


Other Tips: Caterers that use local, organic foods, Organic wedding dresses, Recycled paper for invitations, Organic Cake,  transportation provided by Hybrid vehicles…and many, many many other ways.


Click here to find more information on making your wedding totally green!

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